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Welcome to our site! We have a Warriors roleplay, chat rooms, and information. Please look around!


I made a Forestpeltsden Facebook group if you would like to join! Just search "Forestpeltsden" in the search bar once you are logged in.


History of Forestpeltsden

July 7th, 2007: Website opened! Members consist mainly of people from Wands and Worlds, my best friend, and a few other random people.

2008: iAlex! >:( Sudden drop of motivation for the site.

2009: Website dead for a while, but a few members still come on every so often.

2010: Found out that some people still actually roleplay here. Did some updating...

2011: A lot of people roleplay here now. I update once in a while but mostly leave it to the admins. :) Thanks admins!

2012: Come on, people, we need a 2012 too ya know. Well, it's been very quiet here, only a few role players and admins are sticking around. Let's hope for the best.


Forestpelt's Entire Den

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Thank You's

These are the people/cats who helped us on our way to making this site and deserve thank you's:

Kate Cary, Cherith Baldry, and Vicky Holmes! For creating and writing the WARRIORS!

Lightfoot, for getting Forestpelt the first warriors book for her birthday!!!!

Runningflame1 and Kittenkraze-They are funny and cool.  I owe them a lot!

Silverstar304, for being the first ever freewebs roleplay site that I joined!

Ari, Sarah, Hailey, and Wolfpaw for being my best friends!

Ari again, because she's AWESOME!!!

Foreststar, for all the good ideas in her site!

Wands and worlds, for having really nice people there.

Everyone I used to roleplay with at Allreaders before the 'Big Glitch' that banned everyone.

Silverstar(not 304), NZcloud,  Firestar, Yarrowleaf,  King Arthur(even though everyone thought she/he was annoying),  and all those other people there.  Especialy Wildheart, who had to leave the roleplay for some reason.

Rainpelt, for being my first friend at tokyopop.

All the Admins

And last, everyone who visits this site!

Thank You!!!

I hope I didn't forget anyone!


Oh yeah, here are some good sites!  -a great site, with occasional author chats and incredibly nice members!!