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FireClan is below all of the other Clan territories. Most of the land is covered in a field of lava rocks, with grass and the occasional tree in the middle. At the far left of FireClan territory, there is a small patch of woods, where the FireClan camp is. In the middle of camp there is a large lava rock leaning against another one. Underneath is the leader's den and the leader sits on top of both rocks to make announcements. All kits and apprentices must be trained to avoid rattle snakes!

The Clan River runs along 1/2 of the Clan's borders, and into the other territories.

The FireClan diet includes...

Few birds,

Very rare rabbits

Plentiful mouse and vole

Plentiful Lizards


The FireClan enemies include...

Rare Twolegs

Lots of snakes

A few badgers

Rare foxes

Other cats   



Emberstar: Fiery orange she-cat with amber eyes.


Heathersong: Beautiful tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes.


Coonmask- Gray furred tom with blue eyes, with strong muscles but a sweetheart. He has a black mask, almost like a raccoon. He's all bark and no bite. He will threaten, or talk big, but would never hurt a fly. Mother: Swedeheart Father:Pebblecreak Kin: Rosekit


Snowstorm: Pure white she-cat with green eyes. Mate: Firefly. Kin: Poppyflight, Swiftstep, Splashcloud.

Tawnyfeather: Dark brown she-cat with dark brown eyes.

Darkstorm: Dark brown tom with amber eyes. Mate: Heathersong. Kin: Spottedfeather and Echopaw.

Firepool: Orange tom with lime green eyes. Mate: Tigerleaf. Kin: Owlpaw and Ebonypaw .

Hazelflight: Hazel colored she-cat with hazel eyes. 

Firefly: Firey orange tom with forest green eyes. Mate: Snowstorm. Kin: Swiftpaw, Splashpaw, and Poppypaw.

Ebonysoul: Brown and orange she-cat with dark green eyes

Owlflight: Long haired orange and light brown tabby she-cat with emerald green eyes.

Justsong: Golden tabby tom with milky brown eyes.

Pebblecreak: Dark grey tom with green eyes.

Sparkshock: Tiny black she-cat with sapphire blue eyes and a white underbelly. She has a white pattern on her fur that looks like lightning striking out of the darkness.

Afur: Black tom with a white tuft of fur that falls over his ice-blue eyes and a white chest. Kind, funny, but extremely loyal. Siblings: Firefly, Brownstripe, and Ivytail

Brownstripe: Dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes. Serious and emotional. Mother: Colorclaw Father: Tigerclaw Siblings: Firefly, Afur, and Ivytail

Ivytail: White tom with tick black tabby markings and bright silver eyes. Has Autism and is very cute to be around. Is very close to Brownstripe and follows him everywhere he goes. Mother: Colorclaw Father: Tigerclaw Siblings:  Afur, Brownstripe, and Firefly Kits: None 

Swedeheart: Long-furred Calico and white she-cat with ice-blue eyes. She is kind and loving. Mother: Colorclaw Father: Blackback Siblings: Iceheart and Summersong Kits: Rosekit, Dawnkit, Spiritkit, and Coonkit.

Summersong: Bright ginger tom with a white underbelly, paws, and tail-tip and dark purple eyes. Kind and gentle. Mother: Colorclaw Father: Blackback Siblings: Swedeheart and Iceheart Kits: None.

Iceheart: Light cream tom with a white underbelly, paws, and tail-tip and blue eyes. Has a speech problem, but he's kind and gentle like his brother, Summersong. Mother: Colorclaw Father: Blackback Siblings: Summersong and Swedeheart Kits: None.

Blackback: Black tom with a grayish cream chest and muzzle and dark blue eyes. Kind and emotional with back problems. He was born a loner and found FireClan.

 Brackenthorn: Golden brown tom with green eyes.

Brightspark: Fiery orange she-cat with green eyes. 

Lavaflame: Description needed.

Darkfrost: Description needed. 

Dreamcatcher: Description needed. 

Souldream: Description needed.

Iceflame: Description needed.

Stormblaze: Description needed.

Brakenfang: A black muscular Tom with amber eyes. He has tiger stripes running down his flanks. 

Mousesplash- Dusty brown she-cat with black and orange splashes and lively amber eyes. She is blind.

Thornflame: Bracken-colored tom with? eyes.

Fyedka: Young, shy, russet tom. Black fur over his blind left eye. Bright apple eyes. 

Echosong: Beautiful tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes. 

Skysong: Silver, blue-grey, and dark grey tabby she-cat with white paws, underbelly, tail-tip, and light blue eyes. Mentor: Brightspark.

Jayscar: Dark black and gray tom with a white chest. His eyes are an icey gray-blue color. Mentor: Lavaflame.

Briarfall: Light brown tabby she-cat with golden/yellow eyes. She has three white paws, the other a dark brown. Her fur is very fluffy and her tail very long. Mentor: Brackenthorn. 

Igniteflame- Skinny, black she-cat with a firey reddish/orange underbelly and bright/firey amber eyes that have a glow to them. Her tail tip and ear tips are the same color as her underbelly. As her mother, sparks constantly jolt from her cheeks. She has a tiny reddish/orange star on her ear and pad. Spiderkit's twin.Mentor: Justsong

Spiderspring- Large, muscular black tom with green eyes. His underbelly, ear tips, and tail tip bright golden. He has a tiny golden star on his pad and ear. There is a splash of golden around his right eye and one on his back right leg. Ignitekit's twin.Mentor: Souldream

Wrenleap-A pale cream tabby she-kit with soft honey amber eyes

Mockingsong-mute tortoiseshell she-cat with huge green eyes. 

Bumblebee- White she-cat with cream splotches all over and blue eyes. Kind and adventurous. Mother: Colorclaw Father: Wonderwhisker

Volekiss- Brown and white tom with green eyes. Kind and funny. Mother: Colorclaw Father: Wonderwhisker

Singsong- Calico and white she-cat with blue eyes. Willing and smart. Mother: Colorclaw Father: Wonderwhisker

Duck(?)- Long-haired black and white tom with a long muzzle and green eyes. Shy and political. Mother: Colorclaw Father: Wonderwhisker Siblings: Bumblekit, Volekit, and Singki

Moonshadow- Elegant dark brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes. Mate: Herostory Kits: Mousesplash, Sandheart, Thornflame, Mockingsong

Mockingsong-pretty tortoiseshell she-cat with large, curious looking green eyes. She is clever, and has the gift of mimicry. She uses it often to amuse herself and annoy other cats. Most cats don't understand her because she is mute. Mother: Moonshadow Father: Killdeer Littermate: Junglebreeze.

Tigersong- Brown tabby she-cat with glowing amber eyes and white paws, tail-tip, and underbelly. There are scars across her left eye from a horrific fight long ago. Tigersong is very strong-willed and is a great friend. She has a star print on her front right paw and a tiny star on her left ear. Mate: Firepool Kits: Owlflight, Ebonysoul, Falconscreech, Blazingfire, Brackenthorn, Brightspark, Guardianangel.

Herostory- Coal black tomcat with intense yellow/green eyes, one white paw which he finds humorous, and his left eye is stitched up and scarred. He is known for his temper but is also known as being friendly, attractive, sensitive, emotional tom who is a great friend and has lots of love to give. He has a rough past and doesn't really like to talk about it. He loves his mate very much. Mate: Moonshadow Parents: Herodeath, Villainsoul Siblings: Scarletsecret, Streamstone, Wrenleap Kits: Bouncefall, Mousesplash, Thornflame, Sandkit, Creekkit, Brokenkit, Yellowkit, Serpentkit, Songkit, Vanillakit.

Shadowdrop- Black tom, with white dashes under his eyes. Strong, muscular and handsome. Kin: Mintleaf.

Mintleaf- White she-cat, with black and gold speckles under her eyes. Makes it look like she has freckles. THe most beautiful green eyes, and black toes. Kin: Shadowdrop.

Smokepelt- Smokey pelt with amber eyes and red paws and tips of ears are red along withthe tip of tail.

Snakeclaw- She- cat with a black pelt and red eyes. She is gentle and feirce when she needs to be.

Hawkatil- A black tom with blue eyes and has dark stripes. He is the dead mate (he is not dead) and he is Stormflame's mate and Shadowkit's farther. He is good at battles and he likes to take charge he can be hated and liked. He used to be in a tribe with Stormflame but both were exile then walked for miles soon they met dogs, the dogs attacked but Hawktail killed them. He had scars, Stormflame thought he died. Now he found and clan and didn't know Shadowkit and Stormflame were living there.

Onyx: Pure black she-cat with dark blue eyes. She is very close to her sister Ruby. They tend to finish eachother's sentences.Mentor:

Ruby: Dark ginger she-cat with green eyes. She is very close to her sister, Onyx. Mentor: Blackfern.

Sablepaw- Pretty sable and white fluffy she-cat with stunning greenish yellow eyes. She is permanently mute, meaning she can hear but cannot speak. Mentor: Brackenfang.

Blownpaw- Brown and white striped tom with blue eyes. Mentor: Dreamcatcher



Fallingsnow- A ginger tabby with green eyes and a white underbelly that fills into the top stripes. He has a deep scary voice and a darkforest power that when he roars he summons dead cats as shadows they,cant harm cats but can pin you down,or kill prey. He loves Skysong so much and would die before he would let a cat lay a claw on her.

Azurepaw- Silver tabby she-cat with azure eyes.

Gleamingpaw-A large golden tom. His fur shines in the sun like glass, hence his name.


Stormflame- A cat with a blue pelt and blue eyes she is the mother of shadow kit. she used to be a tribe cat when she was very young but now she is a queen and hopes she will find her mate. everycince her mom and sister died she is alone and no one to care about her. she needs a mate she does not want to think her old mate is died when she was abonned by her tribe she was going to have her kits by that time she found her mates body on the ground cured in blood and scars she needs a friend who can talk to her but now she has a very youny kit to look after.




Freekit- Tortoiseshell she-cat with dark green eyes 

Starkit- Pure white tom with bright lime green eyes  

Freezekit- Dark gray tom with light green eyes. Very energetic, but when scared freezes up. Mother: Twilightrose Kin: Rainkit.

Sunkit- Beautiful light tawny she-cat with frosty blue eyes. She is kind, sweet, and very quick and swift.

Foxkit- Lean orange tom with green eyes, black ears, and paws. He has a white chest and muzzle. Looks like a fox.

Ashkit- Grey she-cat with darker flecks and green eyes.

Brokenkit- Black she cat with white broken heart shaped mark on her thigh. Blue eyes.

Blindkit- Silver tabby with green eyes. Blind. She-cat.

Silentkit- Mute black tom with light grey and white spltches. Large blue eyes. Calm and smart.

Ravenkit- A sleek, black she cat with white paws, a splash of white on her chest, and a white tail tip and aqua blue eyes. She's sly and slender, very very sneaky. She's quiet and a great hunter, because every paw step she takes, is muted. Her kin/family is unknown and her crush is a secret, yet obvious.

Creekkit- Fuzzy grey tabby she-cat with blue eyes. She's very fond of Pebblecreak. Parents: Herostory, Swedeheart Kin: Brokenkit.

Songkit- Little dark brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes and a white chest. Parents: Herostory, Brightheart. Kin: Serpentkit, Yellowkit, Vanillakit.

Vanillakit- White she-cat with black patches and beautiful amber eyes.

Whisperingkit- A black kit with ice-blue eyes. Is very quiet and secretive.

Dimkit- Very dark calcio tom, with dark blue eyes. Trains with the Dark Forest.

Cloverkit- Fun, loving light calico with purple eyes. She-kit.

Sandkit- A pitch black she-kit with sandy olive eyes. She has faded white tail-tip and splotch on her chest.

Shadowkit- A young kit three moons old, she has a dark pelt and blue eyes. She is very serious about battles and learning. She hides her feelings and she can be a great Warrior, never losing heart. Even in the shadows, a hero will rise.


Colorclaw- Calico and white she-cat with ice-blue eyes.  Kits:  Afur, Brownstripe, Ivytail, Swedeheart, Iceheart, Summersong, Bumblekit, Volekit, Singkit, and Duckkit.

FireClan Tribute to Splashy

FireClan Tribute to Splashy

Fireshadow - a handsome, sleek flame-ginger tom with hazel eyes tinted with green and darker stripes. He's proud, intelligent, wise, devoted, strong, swift, loyal and easy to love. He likes to make freinds with all and revels in serving his clan. Loves Lightstreak very much.

Lightstreak - a slender, beautiful silver she-cat with deep, wise amber eyes and black stripes. She's easily lovable, kind, sweet yet a fierce and ruthless fighter in battle. Loves Fireshadow very much. Mother of his kits Splashkit and Tallkit.

Tallkit - a handsome, well-muscled dark tabby tom with a flecked pelt and green-amber eyes. Is ambitious, freindly and loves his sister Splashkit and is very protective over her. Mother, Lightstreak. Father, Fireshadow.

Splashkit - a cute, fluffy orange she-cat with faint stripes and purple-blue eyes. Mother, Lightstreak. Father, Fireshadow. Has a very close bond with her brother Tallkit.