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Gatherings Info!

Gatherings are usually the last days of the month or the beginning, an admin will inform each clan when. Only post on this page on those days, and if your leader chose you to come. Check back a few days before the posted gathering  where your name may be posted if your leader chose you to come to the gathering. Leaders and others may discuss the clans. Enjoy, and remember normal rules apply!

ShadeClan Cats:

Lionstar, Rosestrike, Flarestripe, Whisperwind, Firepool, Mallowheart, Doeleap, Blazepaw, Ashpaw.  

Leafclan Cats:

Cometstar,  Blackdance, Redblood, Foxthorn, Smokeshadow, Cricketnose, Dreamchase, Sootpaw.

Waterclan Cats:


Fireclan Cats: 


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