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Welcome to LeafClan


LeafClan is the most heavily wooded Clan in the area. The thick undergrowth makes this territory ideal for those who specialize in stalking prey and climbing trees. Dead center in the forest is the LeafClan camp guarded by a wall of brambles. A rock ledge juts out of the floor of the camp where the Leader makes their announcements.

LeafClan Prey:

The occasional rabbit with plentiful birds, mice, voles, shrews and squirrels. 

LeafClan Enemies:

The wandering twolegs, malicious badgers, foxes, raccoons, and other cats.




 Redstar- Firery red tom with dark eyes. Strong-willed and outspoken, but is kind to all.



Medicine cat:

Leafclaw- Grey tabby she-cat with piercing blue eyes. She is respectful, loving and loyal. She is lonely and needs a mate someday. Dreams of having kits. 

Medicine Cat Apprentice: 



Smokeshadow- Smokey gray tom with deep brown eyes. He is cunning, but likes to slow down and relax with close friend when he can. He sticks up for his clan mates and won't back down from a fight.

Blackdance- Dark black tom with faint gray stripes running along his legs and one going down his back. He has mysterious green eyes like his mother and got his size from his father. He is adventurous and ready to start his life as a loyal warrior. Mother: Shadowsky. Father: Deathdream. Kin: Leopardpaw.

Cricketnose- Darkish brown tabby she-cat with black stripes running almost all over her body. She has golden, brown eyes that seem to be searching everywhere for an answer. Cats that get close to her start to realize her guarded personality will soon fade with trust. Considers, and always will, Petalpaw and Smokepaw to be her parents.  

Littledance- Tiny, tortoiseshell and grey she-cat, with light blue eyes. She is new to the whole clan and living together idea,  but is willing to give it a try. She is a well guarded she-cat at times, but it quickly fades to her more humorous side. Even around cats she doesn't know well yet. Mate: Berryblood.

Berryblood- Leopard-colored tom with green eyes. Mate: Littledance. 

Fangblade- Orange she-cat with shimmering blue eyes and a scar over her eye. Quiet, but nice.


Smallpaw- Runt that is black and white and half blind. One bright blue eye and one yellow. Very caring and loving. Mother: Oakdash. Father: Sunburst. Mentor: Lightningtalon.

Bramblepaw- Very energetic, playful tom with a black body, white paws and the tip of his tail is white. Mentor: Breezeplay.

Lightpaw- Very energetic tom with brown eyes. White body with black paws and the tip of his tail is black. Mentor: Sunburst. 

Thunderpaw- Molted-colored tom with deep brown eyes. He is big for his age, and before discovering Leafclan was a loner. Mentor: Redstar. 

Windpaw- A grey she-cat with black tiger stripes; loves to play. She loves to learn new things and explore. Eventually she will be the perfect Warrior.

Patchpaw- Sleek, calico tom with gray eyes the color of fog. He gets along quite well with others his own age, but isn't keen on the idea of taking orders from anyone. Largely independent, Patchkit still feels the need to watch over his younger sister when she gets into quarrels she can't handle. He loves the feeling of wind cursing through his pelt and the feel of soft grass under his paws, reminding him of the home he is to protect. Sister: Dewpaw. Mentor: Needed.

Dewpaw- Beautiful, short-haired, cream colored she-cat with speckles of brown highlighting her face and haunches. She is a troublemaker, biting off way more than she can chew. Though she tries to handle her fiery outburst, she still finds herself stuck in messy situations. Luckily her brother watches her closely. Brother: Patchpaw. Mentor: Needed.






Thunderheart- Brown and white tom with forest green eyes. Loves his Clan and was born to be a Leader.

 Mistybrook- A light grey she-cat with darker paws and deep hazel eyes. She is swift when running and hunting but becomes too hesitant when fighting in battle. She is truly independent and shy and can be as sharp as a thorn if you get on her bad side. Even though she may want to be alone in the forest most of the time, that does not affect her loyalty to LeafClan and passion for her friends. Mate: Swiftstorm.

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