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Jumpy: Weird she-cat. Has pink fur, and gold eyes. Loves lemon trees, jars of dirt, and blowing up the world. Completely random. Completely. Has NO Fashion sense WHAT SO EVER, and enjoys wearing mohacks. Finds interest in pressing big red buttons that say DO NOT PUSH and taking all of The BK crowns. FInds humor in Twinkle Toes shoes. Hates Justin Bieber. That is about all.

Wild: Very random little she-cat with bright orange fur. She has rainbow paws that shoot sparkles and make magical, flying unicorns appear. She likes to talk about pickles and gets very upset when someone tells her bigfoot isn't real. Has great taste for mexican food and loves to wear her pretty purple scarf when it is warm out. She doesn't like rap music but prefers a good country pop.

Color : CRAZYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! Done....