Erin Hunter's Warriors....

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Lionstar- Golden, brown tom with a tan stripe running down his back all the way to the tip of his tail. He has tan paws as well. Lionstar is like a walking cardinal; his pelt makes him stick out too much which never helps him during a hunt, but he is determined to show the clan he can do anything they throw at him. Mate- Stormplay


Rosestrike- Sassy, russet she-cat with green eyes. She's rather small, and usually underestimated, but she has sass and attitude to make up for it. Although she is not the best hunter, she is clever with fighting.

Medicine Cat:

Flarestripe- ginger tom with black stripe and amber eyes, he is the meddie cat and was always born to help and heal his clan, he will stop at nothing to make sure he knows a cure for every single thing to save any cat that needs saving

Medicine Cat Apprentice:

Whisperwind- Shy, sweet little white she-cat with black ears, paws and tail. She likes spending time gazing up at the stars or watching her Clan Mates talking in camp peacefully. She's never one to start fights, but will join one if it's absolutely necessary. Very open and friendly. Mother: Thymbreeze. Sister: Mudheart.


Tigerheart- Dark ginger tom with bright amber eyes, he like to keep to himself sometimes, and is very close to his father and dosnt really like his mother. He is a fighter at heart, and will protect is clan no matter what. Mate- Iornpelt Kin- Copperstep, Flarestripe, Snowstorm

Snowstorm-pure white she-cat with black paws and bright blue eyes, she is in love with A-Rab, but she knows that her mother and father would kill her for it, but she doesnt want to give him up, .

Howlheart- Pretty little white she-cat with gray paws. She looks just like her mother, but her her eyes are a clouded green. She is a blind cat, but knows that she will get use to it, or so she hopes she will. She will stop at nothing to prove to her clanmates that she can do anything even though of her eyes. Because she is blind her other senses are sharper than ever. Mother: Mintbreath. Father: Cloudleaf.

Lunarclaw- Grayish blue tom with amazingly bright amber eyes, he is the biggest of the litter and takes on responsibilities even if he is just a kit. He loves to play around and has a playful side every time very close to his sister, Vaporkit. Mother: Snowstorm. 

 Mudheart- Dark brown she-cat with a white spot on her chest. She is very protective of her younger sister, watching over her when mother can't. She has much of her father's headstrong personality, even if she will never meet him, but when getting close to anyone she would watch their backs to the end.Mother: Thymebreeze. Sister: Whisperwind.

Heathersong- Beautiful tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes.

Firepool- Orange tom with lime green eyes. Mate: Tigerleaf.

Aerrikkah- A beautiful leopard-colored she-cat with light green eyes. 

Creekrush- A molted-colored tom with dark green eyes.

Morningshadow- Pale gray she-cat with a black face and bright amber eyes. Was born a rogue, but always wanted to be part of a clan. 

 Nellie- Jet-black she-cat with dark brown eyes.Shy and timid, yet clever and quick.



 Nettlepaw- Dusty brown tom with dark green-yellow eyes; his stomach is a lighter shade of brown. He's quite playful, but can become easily nervous when the confidence in his steps doesn't show in his eyes. Mentor: Cherryblaze.

Falconpaw- Ginger tom with a black patch on his back. Mentor: Lionstar.

Ashpaw- Smokey gray she-cat with light blue eyes. Mentor: Heathersong.


Shadowpaw- Pure black tom with amber eyes and a mark shaped like a lightning bolt on his forehead.Mentor: Stormplay.

 Phantompaw- Dark gray tom with white legs/paws and cheeks. Mentor: Morningshadow.