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Welcome! Waterclan is the clan of Bravery, Battles, Un-Ending Love, and Loyalty!


Waterclan territory is swamp. Sypress and willow trees grow everywhere. The camp is located on a somewhat large island in a clearing. Huge trees surround the edges of the island. Making the camp difficult to get to. You can't get to the camp unless you can swim!!


The Waterclan Diet

Fish, frogs, water birds, mice, voles, and water mammals

Waterclan Enemies

Fishing eagles, other clans, boating twolegs, alligators, crocadiles





 Sandstar- Sandy-colored(marmalade) she-cat with bright blue eyes. She is Waterclan's leader and loves her job. She is great at hunting, fighting, swimming, tree-climbing, and leading. She has never broke the warrior code. She is very loyal and protects her clan with her life. She is long haired and really wants a mate and kits. 


Medicine Cat:

Bluemist- Description needed. 

Medicine Cat Apprentice: 

Redpaw- Reddish tabby, cute and nice. He is great with herbs. 


Larkplay- Light tawny- brown she-cat with intense green eyes. She stumbled into the camp after a brutal dog fight; one that ended her younger sister's life. Her kin is unknown, but she is willing to find any place where she can belong.

Stoneflame- Big gray tom with green eyes. He is wise and loving. He will protect anyone with his life.  

Goldenflame- Pretty golden she-cat with blue eyes. A good hunter. Mate: Stormheart.

Stormheart- Gray tom. Mate: Goldenstorm. 

Riversong- Brown she-cat with light brown stripes and some white on her face. She is loving and very gentle. When she was apprenticed to become a warrior she wished she had been chosen to become a Medicine cat. But now she knows that it was a good decision because she is talented at hunting and fighting, and everyone has to keep reminding her which berries are death berries and which ones aren't so that she doesn't die. 

 Nettlepatch- Brown she-cat with white paws, chest and tail tip and intense green eyes. She is loving and playful. She has a crush on Clawheart, and loves to hunt. She is a great fighter, she is better at fighting than she is at hunting, so don't try to sneak up on her.

 Clawheart- A large dark ginger tabby tom with white paws, white rings around his tail and a white chest and belly that runs up to his muzzle, too. He has large broad shoulders and a muscular body frame. He has a claw slash over his chest giving him the name Clawheart; the scar had a massive jolt of pain when hit, so this is his main weak spot. This tom's size might make you think that he is pretty slow, but within time you blink, he'll have his fore paws on you. Mate: Nettlepatch.



Hazelpaw- Pretty, light brown she-cat with a white chest and paws. She has honey brown eyes that never seem too harmful at first glance. She is terrified of the water, but wants to learn how to cope with it to be a true Waterclan warrior. Mentor: Needed.

Epicpaw- A spunky young tom with blue eyes that loves to play and cannot focus for long unless you have him constantly doing something. He is black with little splotches of white on him. He is a good hunter, but not the nest fighter. In fact, he can barely hit someone in a fight, but he uses his speed and unlocks his strength when hunting to catch what he wants to. He can pretty much run away from anything with his speed. 

Cherrypaw- Bubbly, young, ginger she-cat with a white chest, paws and tail tip. Has sky blue eyes. Mentor: Claws. 


Goldenstorm- Golden she-cat with blue eyes. Mate: Stoneflame.



Tigerkit: Brown tom with black eyes. Goldenstorm and Stoneflame are his parents Sunkit and Graykit are his litter mates. He is strong and forgiving

Sunkit- Grayish gold she-cat with amber eyes. Kind and thoughtful sister of Tigerkit and Graykit 

Graykit-gray tom with moon light eyes. Mean and strong older brother of Sunkit and Tigerkit.